As a child, I knew two things, I was smart and athletic.  My parents drilled hard work into every fiber of my being and I was always reminded that no one was going to give me anything.  By middle school, I had proven a talent for running and softball.  I wanted an athletic scholarship and focused on track and field. I loved running and hearing the screams of onlookers as I would come around the stretch.  It brought me such a feeling of empowerment and confidence.

Running in college was a job.  Traveling, practice, schoolwork, activities, and whatever job responsibilities I had sucked all the fun out of running for me.  After graduation, I left my sprinting days behind me.  Going from working out several hours per day, six days per week to nothing meant weight gain.  One day you are a size four and then size eight and so on.  Wait, what, how did that happen!  Years fly by, you work in an office environment sitting for long periods and by the time you come home from your commute, the sofa and your takeout meal is the only thing you want.

Then you have that one doctor’s appointment where they tell you to loose weight or you will have to take a pill for this or that.  You have to get active, but already know running won’t be it.  Yoga feels good but you need cardio.  I personally hate being trapped in a gym and I am not coordinated enough for dance classes.  Zumba is not my friend.  Boxing, well I will just call the police.  And Crossfit is an interesting concept, but I see it as a potential hospital visit with me nursing various injuries.  So I finally find it, biking.  I get my cardio working muscles I forgot long ago.  I have to keep biking once I start or how in the world am I going to get back home.  Plus, it appeals to my vanity with the cute jerseys you can put keys and money in the back pocket while you ride.

Depending on how early I get up, some days it’s a twenty minute ride, other days, I might be on the bike for an hour or more.  Bikers in the suburbs tend to be a friendly bunch, giving you the nod as they ride by.  I do not have a crew that I ride with and prefer the quiet.  It is my escapism.  I get to clear my mind and ride as fast or slow as I like.  Of course, I will continue to try other activities, but right now, biking is what works best for me and my body at this point in my life.  So each day, I go down to my little storage unit and bring out my bike and ride.