Group message, “Melissa is getting married tomorrow at Buckingham Fountain.”  Wait, what, huh?  Who can attend?  It is one thing to know someone is getting married, it is another to find out with 24 hours notice.  There was a slight panic that comes with all the expectations and responsibilities that come with attending a wedding.  What am I going to wear?  Where are they registered?  I had to take a step back.  They know it is last minute, hence the surprise.  All they asked was your attendance, if you could come.

I have been to plenty of weddings.  Love watching television shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Four Weddings.” I have even been a bridesmaid with a dress that I hated wearing but took one for the team.  I have seen weddings done for ten thousand dollars, all the way up to forty thousand.  Every bride is different.  What one person sees as the height of sophistication, another person will see as common and basic.  Some couples will spend months planning wedding entrances or choreographing their father-daughter dance routine.  A wedding is a reflection of the couple.  If they are foodies, expect to eat well, because that is important to them.  Maybe they like to drink a lot, then you know there will be no shortage of cocktails.  Some men just show up, while other grooms will want to have a say in every detail.  At the end of the day, it is all about the bride and groom.

Friends, family, sorority sisters showed up in summer clothing at Buckingham Fountain to celebrate the bride and groom.  It felt good to see the love and joy they had for each other.  We came, we prayed, we saluted the happy couple and went on our way.  I went to a play, another friend went to a makeup class, and another to “Rib Fest.”  The day was a good day.  Melissa, I wish you all the best!