As I get older, I know I cannot eat like I used too.  My days of fast food are pretty limited at best.  Loosing weight has become a priority for me.  I am not as young as I used to be.  I need to be more thoughtful about what I eat or I could end up on pills to regulate my blood pressure.  Change your eating habits and loose the weight now, is a hard conversation that many of us will face as adults.  I am a person who likes to eat but extreme diets have never been my thing.  I could do Keto and loose weight quickly, but after a few weeks of eating that way, I feel horrible.  Everyone’s body is not going to respond the same way to the same diet.  Talk with your doctor, do some research, work with a nutritionist if you have the funds.

Processed foods are not my friend.  That means, I needed to cook for myself.  I am talking breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I work full-time, commute to work, practice daily adulting activities, pursue various interests, date, hang out with friends and family.  There really is not a enough time to cook every day and clean up.  So I had to look into meal prepping on a serious basis.  Each Sunday, I am carving out a good four to five hours to prepare various meals that I can eat throughout the week.  I personally don’t want to eat the same thing every day, so I might make five different dishes that I can mix and match to make different meals.  Most of the time, the recipes I make might feed four to six people.  I will put half of each dish in the freezer and keep the other half to enjoy the rest of the week.

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When I have a craving for something sweet, I will make a smoothie, eat a piece of fruit, or freeze a Greek yogurt.  I have gotten rid of cookies, candies, and chips.  My snacks are now various nuts, a few cubes of cheese, or sunflower seeds.  I have started to make my own hummus and use it as a spread or eat with carrots.  I have also been more aware of where I buy my food.  Government agencies which are supposed to regulate and inspect our food are now saying a percentage of a product is okay to sell to consumers.  If I am buying chicken, beef, or fish, I want it to be 100% chicken, beef, or fish.  I have taken to buying those items from Whole Foods.  In order to make Whole Foods more affordable I have reduced my meat intake from three times a day, to once per day.  Other items like fresh vegetables, beans, rice, and canned goods, I get from a local grocery store.   Fruit, I will buy in bulk from a Sam’s Club or Costco.  I found that buying fruit in bulk is much cheaper than going to your regular grocery store.


So now I practice making meals that are with meat, vegetarian, and vegan.  My lifestyle change is eating healthier.  For me, eating healthier does not mean giving up a particular food.  I am focused on reducing portion sizes and getting more exercise.  So far, I have lost twenty pounds.  It has been a slow twenty, but it has stayed off.  So I must continue the good fight.  I invest in recipe books, different spices, and even follow a various YouTubers for cooking styles I did not grow up with.  I was able to finally start incorporating more vegan recipes because I started following Youtubers that season their food.  I am opening new foods and experiences in my weight-loss journey.