It is starting to warm up and the time has come to think about vacation. Where will you go, how many vacation days are you working with this year. I started a new job a few months ago, so vacation was the last thing on my mind. Now that I am settled, how do I want to spend my vacation time. International travel is not going to happen this year, but there are tons of places within driving range of Chicago.

Rule number one, there must be good food. I love to eat, and if I am going to spend days outside my normal habitat where I am not cooking, please let there be good food!

Rule number two, vacation spots must include an active night life. This is my break away from adulting, let there be fun! Great restaurants, clubs, casinos help add to your celebration of self.

Rule number three, I want some type of adventure. Give me something my hometown does not have to offer. What makes this place worth the visit? I am a foodie and I hangout with other foodies, maybe I cannot get to California, but where can I find the Midwest wine country. I am always down for a wine tour, sign me up!

Rule number four, a soft place to lay my head. I have seen many a vacation ruined by substandard hotel service. It is your time off, treat yourself to a nice hotel. You are worth it.

This year, I have a trip to New Orleans planned. But I want to do some traveling around Michigan and Oklahoma. What cities should I checkout?????