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Have you ever gone to a city and not really had a chance to see it?  Yeah, me too.  Last year, I made a promise to myself that I was going to stop doing that.  Many years ago, I lived right outside of New York, but I was so busy with work that I never had a chance to really do anything.  I am glad I fixed the error of my ways, learned how to relax, and became a tourist in New York city.

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New York is just like any other major city in a lot of ways.  It is crowded.  People use public transportation to get where they need to go.  There are tall buildings all around with everyone walking as fast as they can.  During this particular visit, I set goals for things I personally wanted to do.  There are always Groupons for this and that so it is pretty easy to come up with an affordable schedule of activities.  Me and my friends also included things we wanted to do as a group.  It goes without saying that good food is a must, but try to include some highly ranked restaurants you do not have in your hometown.  See a Broadway show.  Go to the ballet.  Do a bus tour!  Visit the Statue of Liberty.  Go to the MET.  Try a hot dog from a street vendor.  If you are trying to be in the studio audience for one of the various shows that tape in New York, please check their websites to see how far in advance you need to look for tickets that will coordinate with your travel plans.

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From block to block you are surrounded by the diversity of people that make up the heart and soul of New York.  As you ride the train, it is common for you to hear people speaking French, Spanish or some other language.  Be prepared to walk unless you are willing to use cabs.  Traffic can be pretty intense and it really just makes more sense to take the train to wherever you are trying to go.


My trip included seeing The Color Purple before they left Broadway.  Cynthia Ervio is one of England’s greatest exports.  That woman is so petite, but man can she belt out a song.  I would definitely pay to see her in any project her name was attached to doing.

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During this visit to New York with friends, we did a bus tour.  This really is a great way to see a city and I think I will include this type of activity whenever I travel to a different city.  It was a great historical recap of various neighborhoods, buildings, and how the city has changed over the years.


I also saw my first ballet.  Misty Copeland, the first African-American principal ballerina at American Ballet Theatre is such an amazing talent and I really enjoyed all of the performances from ABT.  This experience made me want to see other productions in my future travels.  I am so happy I went back to New York and had that tourist experience.  What city would you like to spend time discovering this summer?