One weekend and one backpack was all I had.  This was a huge change for me as I always think about the possibilities and pack at least six pairs of shoes for any trip.  I am the person whom always checks baggage no matter how long or short the vacation, so traveling with a single backpack was a big deal for me.  Sometimes you just want to get away and try something new without waiting around for the tribe to vote.  You know how it is when you want to go somewhere, but you have to wait for everyone to speak their opinion on how you will spend your time.  Let’s go here, but everybody is not in agreement on the activity.  I get it, who wants to spend their hard earned money on something they really have no interest in doing.  I enjoy Vegas, but my clubbing days are over.  I was born with a tan, so I have never been interested in catching rays.  And sitting by the pool is only fabulous if you look great in a bikini.  So this weekend, I went to Vegas with one backpack and not a single high heel.

My epic weekend included my first trip to Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.  Seeing how I know next to nothing about the desert, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to pay for someone else to do the driving so I could enjoy the experience.  I went with Sweetours and did the Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour with Skywalk.  This was a full day trip and I am glad I rested the night before.  One of the things I appreciated about the tour is that they come to your hotel and pick you up.  I have seen various prices for these types of tours and the company does a good job of keeping things simple and comfortable.  My driver for the day was “Billy the Kid” and he offered tons of information about how best to get the most out of your tour experience while keeping guests hydrated with water, something you will definitely come to appreciate.

Public service announcement to all couples, when you are on a tour bus with 75 other people at 7 o’clock in the morning, please refrain from bickering with your loved one who did not get up on time and made you late.  Fussing is not allowed during vacation.  You want to be mad at your wife because she took too long in the bathroom getting ready, save it for when you two are on a steep rock at the canyon.  Those nasty looks you are getting is because no one wants to hear you argue, but I digress.  As we drove, our driver gave a little history lesson about Las Vegas and how it has grown over the years.  We passed Joshua trees and stopped at Hoover Dam to take pictures.  Along the way, we watched a video of the construction of the Hoover Dam before making our way to the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is truly breathtaking.  I could have done without the Skywalk.  They do not let you bring cellphones or cameras, so if you want to take a picture, you will have to pay for it.  Waiting in line for a picture creates a bit of a traffic jam and I found that looking down through a glass floor to the Canyon’s basement made me feel uneasy.  The view is amazing, but the waiting around was getting to me.  I was fine walking around the Skywalk, but staying in one place and looking down was not for me.

They have shuttle buses to take you to various locations for different views.  I would definitely suggest spending the majority of your time there at the third location.  A meal is included in this trip and I found the offerings to be the best at the third shuttle stop.  By the end of the trip, I was truly tired and needed a nap.  I made it back to the hotel and caught some sleep before making my way to dinner.  Learn more about the food portion of my trip in Weekend in Vegas – Part Two.