Happy New Year and welcome to 2016!  You have had a chance to drink, eat, and ring in the start of another year with resolutions.  I did not make any resolutions, but I did take time to reflect on all the blessings I have in my life and how I could be better.  I love my apartment and thought about how I could make it an even better queendom.  That had me thinking of damage-free hanging and adding life to my walls with pictures.   Raise your hand if you love magazines.  I know I do!  Each month is a new opportunity to bring luxury into my home, but what do you do after you have gathered all the knowledge they have to bestow upon you.  Recycle, throw them away, or make art with them.



I choose to make art.  The living room is my sanctuary.  It is where I write, watch television, and entertain, so I made this my diva inspired room.  Each day I come home from the ups and downs of the world as my wall of divas welcomes me back.  I choose a few of my favorite magazine covers and found frames with matting to make a beautiful display.  Michael’s is a great resource for frames, especially when they have a good sale and you can find a coupon.



What should you do if Michael’s does not have a sale?  Many discount stores have generic wall art that you can hang.  It might be a quote that has been matted and put in a nice frame for the wonderful price of $6.99.  If you see a good frame with good matting, buy it, you can always switch out the quote with your favorite picture.  You just upgraded your walls for less than $8 per picture.  Style does not have to cost an arm and a leg.  Find your vision and make it work for you!