If you did not grow up drinking water, it is easy to go through the day and never have it touch your lips. My mother is in her sixties and swears that her eight glasses a day and her lack of fast food enjoyment is what keeps her looking so young. We all know the importance of water to our bodies, but I have met many people whom dislike the taste. They will drink juice, pop, milk, and alcohol but not water. Personally, I could do better on my water intake and have made the effort to reduce my consumption of sugary drinks, but sometimes I do crave more. So I was real excited when the folks at Cascade Ice sent me some of their drinks to try.

These last few months, I have been trying to change bad habits, snack less, and prepare my lunch before going to work. I had a chance to try the following flavors; lemonade, organic blueberry, peach mango, coconut mango, and raspberry lemonade. I was not expecting to like the coconut mango, but was surprised by how good it tasted. Usually, when I try a drink having coconut in it, the flavor ends up overpowering the drink but not this time. They got the flavor balanced just right. My favorite flavor was the peach mango. I went on the Cascade Ice website and found they had recipes for their drinks that included a tropical rum cocktail, yum.

I love the fact that these drinks all have zero calories. Each flavor was very unique, if you are looking for something more subtle in flavor try the organic blueberry. I found the lemonade to be a little artificial in its taste and was my least favorite. The standouts for me were the peach mango, coconut mango, and the raspberry lemonade. I could drink these all the time and look forward to purchasing more at my local grocery store to enjoy and create a couple recipes of my own. In fact, I like Cascade Ice so much, that I am giving away a case to one lucky fan. In order to be eligible to win, make sure to follow me on all enjoybymichele social media, that’s Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and like our page on Facebook. I will announce the winner on December 17, 2015, good luck.