Here is the deal, I am not married, nor do I have children.  I don’t even have a soccer team that I coach on weekends.  It’s just little old me, and I love shopping at Costco.  My work schedule has me getting home later than I would like and the last thing I want to do when I get home is break out a bunch of pots and pans.  So, each Sunday, I set aside four to five hours to do my meal preparation for the week.  It is a behavior modification that has gotten me away from fast food and helped in my efforts to loose weight.

Now buying in bulk is not the answer for everything and if you do not think it through, you could end up wasting money, and that is not what anyone wants.  You still have to compare prices and your freezer only has so much space. I always come out on top buying frozen vegetables from Costco.  And if you are going through a smoothie phase, than you cannot go wrong with purchasing frozen fruit in bulk.  If you know you eat a lot of chicken or fish than buying in bulk could work for you, but always check the price per pound because sometimes you can do better at the grocery store.  I am also a big fan of those mini wings sold in many grocery stores for $6.99 to $7.99 per pound.  By purchasing fresh mini chicken wings from Costco, I was able to get six pounds for $13 and can now make them in any flavor of my choosing.  Now when purchasing beef, I tend to go with the local grocery store when they are marked down due to a quick sell.  I suggest, if you purchase steaks due to quick sale, put them in the freezer right away or cook them that night.

The Costco siren speaks to both my needs and wants.  It is easy to get lost in this playground of snacks, samples, and good eats.  A smart shopper will find a way to make it work whether they are a family of six or a singleton.  I love Fage yogurt, but I found buying the flavored kind in individual cups can be expensive.  I buy the plain bulk Fage from Costco and add fresh preserves to make different flavors that they may or may not sell.  I also buy items from Costco like their croissants, which are quite good and freeze them so they don’t spoil.

It is not all vegetables and freezing poultry, I buy all of my fresh fruit from Costco.  It can be financial prohibitive to get your daily allowance of fruit from the local grocery.  Many stores will charge an arm and a leg for a small pint of fresh blueberries.  I have found that I can successful purchase a variety of fruit at a reasonable price from Costco, which keeps me from snacking on chips or cookies.  I am not suggesting bulk buying is the answer for everyone, but it has helped me in changing some of my bad food habits!

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