While sitting in Chicago’s W Hotel with other blogging and writing types, I had a chance to experience an upscale television presentation by LG. OLED TV is how all Shonda Rhimes’ programming should be viewed.  Two years went into developing this technology for mass production with color that is truly exceptional.  Just imagine 65 inches of Olivia and Fitz!  This is high end television at its finest.  Right now, LG is the only player in the OLED TV market and they are raising the bar when it comes to the home viewing experience.  The curved display has viewing angles up to 160 degrees.  That means there is no bad seating at your next Blacklist viewing party.

The evolution of television has seen the birth of the picture tube to plasma to OLED. What in the world is OLED?  OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display works without a backlight.  This allows for deep black levels and can be thinner and lighter than other types of display.  I am talking contrast on steroids.  Luxurious color spills out a thin curved screen.  Rich reds, greens, and blues pop on your display!  It is a five course meal for your eyes as they drink in all the beautiful colors of LG technology.

I believe television programming has really stepped up its game over the last few years. The art of storytelling came back with a vengeance and I now watch television four days a week.  My shows air on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  It is my time to curl up on the couch, relax, and watch television with wine and popcorn.

If you are a gamer, OLED is how to rumble on all your favorite games. If you are into the football of any kind, this is probably how it was meant to be done.  I had a chance to see both the 55 inch and 65 inch models.  Color and motion were amazing on both sizes.  I actually thought the picture was sharper on the larger model.  As I sat through the demonstration, I thought about the many considerations taken into account when choosing a television.  It is not a purchase made every year and I have never been into those Black Friday deals.  Sorry, but I cannot get up that early to spend money on a mediocre product.

I have always been a television viewer. It is how I relax after a long day.  We all have our toys.  Some people need to get the latest and greatest smartphone while others put their money into video games.  It all depends on how you measure fun.  OLED TV is an investment.  You could easily spend $600-$750 on a phone that you walk around with on a daily basis.  The price point of $3500 for a 55 inch television is attainable. LG brings us a visual win and I look forward to seeing this technology grow.  The competition needs to get in gear, because LG is changing how we view television with style and vivid color.

LG OLED TV has excellent SMARTV capabilities with easy customization. Three clicks connects your television to the web with access to Netflix or Amazon for movies and your favorite television series. This post was sponsored by LG, looks like I need to send Santa a hint and some cookies with the attached link http://amzn.to/1tpcBhE