When I originally started writing this article, I had visited several Chicago hotels.  Then I thought more about why someone would go on a staycation.  What are the characteristics of a good staycation?  What in the world is a staycation anyway?

A staycation is when you go away on vacation in your hometown.  I will use my co-worker with four kids as an example, bless his heart.  His description of getting four kids ready for plane travel is nothing short of a MI-5 operation.  We will not even talk about the cost of feeding a family of six on the road for an entire week.

We earn three weeks of vacation.  One week is getting used for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  He uses another week for Spring Break.  Do you think he is looking for another plane trip by the summer?  No way!

I live my life as a singleton.  Plane travel is not a big deal for me and I will not drive anywhere that takes longer than four hours, plane ticket please.  However, the one time of year I refuse to even look at O’Hare is during the Christmas holidays.  It’s just too many people with ninety-nine opportunities for me to be annoyed.  Plus my birthday is during the Christmas holidays, so that is my staycation time.  I treat myself to luxury on my “nameday” right here in Chicago.

My new discovery is the Langham Hotel, located at 330 N. Wabash.  It is a pretty sassy hotel with a mixture of American, English, and Japanese influences.  Guests are guided to the Pavillion on the second floor which is open and airy.  Here, they can enjoy traditional afternoon tea service, I am talking “Downton Abbey” style tea service with specialty items from Highclere Castle in their gift shop nearby.  I am starting to feel my inner Lady Michele rise just thinking about it.

Feel a need for refreshing?  Make a day of it and visit their spa to be made over from head to toe.  In between services, take a dip in their swimming pool.  Why just sit when you could take a swim?  Are you hungry yet?  Check out their amazing restaurant Travelle and their extensive wine collection.  Want to dine in private, than enjoy twenty-four hour room service in your room with a view.  Need a little extra posh in your life?  Be sure to visit The Langham Club Lounge, by adding the Indulgingly Langham Package to your visit.  Start working on that book you have been meaning to write as you enjoy snacks and drinks throughout the day.  After a long day of writing, enjoy a Butler-drawn bath with champagne.  Luxury in Chicago served the English way.

I saw both a standard room and a classic suite.  Their standard suite is a little over 500 square feet with plenty of room to relax.  I appreciate how much thought was put into every detail of this hotel from the meeting rooms to the art work.  In some rooms, you can even sit in the tub and check out the view.  It is beautiful with a strong emphasis on customer service.  What more could you ask for in a hotel?   Looks like I found my staycation spot for 2014.