When you are having a bad day, there is something about a pair of new shoes that makes you feel like everything will be okay.  I do not consider myself a lover of fashion, but we do date regularly.    The stress of having two papers due on Sunday evening provided two reasons for me to choose wisely about how I spent my time.  I had so many events I had planned on attending, but my schoolwork disagreed.    In the end, my weekend included a couple hours of “me time” which I devoted to the Dana Hotel for the Simply Stylist event.

I was a social butterfly in a garden of fashionistas.  While waiting for the elevator, I saw Catt Sadler of E! News.  She is so tiny in person.  After two elevators passed me by, I finally made it to the networking session.  In between some light cocktails, guests were getting manicures and visiting various vendors.  I also ran into fashion stylist and entertainment reporter Marcellas Reynolds.  He was so nice!  Mr. Reynolds didn’t even bat an eye when I asked him to take a picture and was giving me all kinds of classic style in his tailored blazer.  I totally forgot he was a Chicago native.  He should be somewhere doing skin commercials because his skin is flawless.  Marcellas was very approachable and a total class act.

My “got to have it” discovery of the day was the jewelry designed by Martine Ali.  She had really strong, beautiful, well-made pieces that instantly caught my eye.  She truly creates wearable art.  I am a fan of big pieces and there is so much substances to her work.   If you are looking for jewelry with powerful luxury, this is it.  Jewelry is probably the one thing I dislike shopping for most.  So her work was extremely refreshing.  I look forward to visiting her website at www.martineali.com for a couple pieces that need to make their way to my home!