This past week, I had a chance to experience my first Social Power Hour at their VIP Anniversary Party.  It all went down at the Packing House, located at 1113 W. Randolph Street in Chicago’s west loop neighborhood.  The west loop has become one of my favorite after work hangouts.  There are so many great places popping up to just have a good time and you can still find parking for a reasonable amount or take the blue line.  I was a neophyte to the Packing House, but I was really impressed with their rooftop deck.  It hit all the right notes with views of Chicago and a very roomy layout that had ample seating.  If you are thinking about hosting an event for your organization, their rooftop is the perfect summer location!

I like going places and trying new things, but I am actually an introvert by nature.  So running around with a camera actually helps me to come out of my shell and talk to new people.  I actually went with a friend on this day and we met a lot of interesting folks.  It was definitely a mixed crowd with people from a diversity of professional backgrounds.

So what exactly is the Social Power Hour?  Their website boasts that they host networking events that are personalized and productive.  It is a chance to discover new businesses and people.  They also offer fitness and sporting events.  In my first Social Power Hour, I did in fact discover a new business and new people!  I also discovered Deep Eddy Vodka.  My drinking habits are that of lightweight at best, but I barely felt like I was drinking.  Sometimes you can feel drained and tired drinking alcohol, so I was really surprised by the light taste.  The event was filled with cocktails provided by Deep Eddy Vodka and the servers did a great job keeping drinks in your hand, lol.  My favorite drink of the evening included their cranberry vodka.  Feel free to visit their website for recipes at

This was a much needed break for me as I recently started graduate school.  Full-time job, schoolwork, and still trying to have a life can be a lot to juggle.  Sometimes you just want to meet different people and expand your world, why not try the Social Power Hour and make some new friends!