3700 N. Halsted Street is the home of the Kit Kat Lounge and Supper Club.  Clean lines take center stage in this beautiful space filled with Hollywood décor.  This establishment is all about fun as classic movies play on the walls while you dine.  I hopped in a cab to meet friends after work.  While in route, I had a chance to check out their menu online and settled on the Dean Martin.  Can you tell I am impatient?  I was hungry and chicken with spinach, feta cheese, and angel hair pasta seemed like a winning combination for me.  The crowd was a mixture of couples and women having a girl’s night out.  There were costume changes, twirling, high kicks and twerking for all to enjoy.  Traci Ross was the performer of the evening entertaining the room with all of her special gifts.  She floated from table to table singing tunes from Toni Braxton and other artists as we ate and offered tips.  Ms. Ross teased, flirted, and worked the room every way possible in her clear stiletto heels.  Bring singles, fives, or whatever you please so the artists can be tipped as they perform.

For me, the drinks were the stars of the meal.  We ordered beverages with names like “Put a Ring on It” and “Marry Me.”  They both came with flashing light rings to my heart’s delight.  Can you believe that they have over 200 drink offerings?  Checkout their website at http://www.kitkatchicago.com and view their daily specials.  I am now need of an outfit which will compliment my new fabulous jewelry.  The food did not stand out for me in any way.  The Kit Kat Lounge does not have a cover charge and I understand them doing everything they can to make the business profitable, but the show and the drinks are the stars.  Maybe they could offer various combination appetizer plates, rather than trying to have so many food options.  Most people come here in groups or as a couple, so sharable plates are a viable option.  My meal wa deeply lacking in any kind of seasoning.

Great concept, but they need to work on the food.  Overall, I really enjoyed my time there.  The servers were pretty attentive and it really is a festive environment.  New shows performances start every 20 minutes.   Everyone was really friendly and ready to have a good old time.  I would definitely come back again for the entertainment and drinks alone!  Be sure to check out Ms. Ross!