I am not a techie by any stretch of the imagination.  Although, I do have a great respect for the role technology plays in making our lives easier.  I am the girl who held out on getting an Iphone for the longest time, now that I have it, I have turned into the app queen.

Here are the 10 coolest things I discovered at Techweek-Chicago:

1.  When tech companies advertise jobs, they list perks like cappuccinos, gourmet lunches, “Taco Friday,” in-house chef, and afternoon snacks.  Oh my!

2.  Taxi apps have become a thing.  I recently started using Hailo for my downtown adventures.

3.  People who love and appreciate all things free can now try the Freeosk.  Free samples to make your heart burst with joy.  Booths are currently up in Sam’s Club and spreading to other retailers soon!

4.  Every expo should have a video game lounge

5.  Technology is regularly perceived as a male dominated industry, so I was happy to see so many women at the expo

6.  Smart people keep good alcohol on standby

7.  We need a state law to require Argo Tea in every office breakroom

8.  Springrewards.com will let you turn your current credit/debit card into a rewards card

9.  Korean rice wine is very tasty, hello Kooksoondang

10.  Raise.com let’s you buy and sell discounted gift cards to your favorite retailers