Transformers is in the business of making money.  We get it!  The film I saw at the box office this past weekend, should have been named, “the extinction of three hours out of my life.”  The Transformers franchise is a collaboration between Takara Tomy and Hasbro.  The story of the Autobots and Decepticons battling it out in a never-ending war of good verses evil.  I am just waiting for Megatron to walk through a city clinging three cars together and asking the Autobots to come out to play.
The Transformer franchise includes toys, comic books, cartoons, video games, and at least two out of four too many films.  They even have conventions and collectors clubs.  I get it, the Transformers are easily one of my top five cartoons from childhood.  It truly pained me to see Optimus Prime broken down and full of holes.  Mark Wahlberg did perfectly fine taking over the reigns from poor Shia Labeouf.  I will blame the makeup department for Nicola Peltz not looking very much like a teenager in this flick.  Maybe it was bad lighting or hard living, but I just wasn’t buying her as Mark Wahlberg’s high school aged daughter.  I could have also done without the statutory rape storyline.  Michael Bay clearly likes hot young eye candy, but can he get together a real script for the next installment.  And you already know there is going to be another installment!

Stop it with the same damn story, over and over again.  Humans are greedy.  Megatron is on some shady crap.  Autobots continuously questioning why they maintain their one-sided friendship with humans.  Our species betrays the Transformers to harness their technology for our own misguided purpose.  Same exact movie being done over and over again with location changes and trading out the actors. Hollywood continues to jump leaps and bounds in the world of special effects, but you still need to have a story to tell.  Do better Hollywood, if you want our hard earned dollars, do better!