I love Hollywood award season and hearing the various war stories of how many hours celebrities spend getting ready to sit and look pretty for us regular folk.  I do not think I could spend nine or ten hours getting dressed to go anywhere, but I am not a celebrity.  There is no business subsidizing my efforts to look presentable for the general public.  Maybe that’s why it sounds so crazy to hear someone spending thousands of dollars on manicures, pedicures, eyebrow waxing and facial treatments for one day.

When I was thirty, I decided it was time to go out and experience my first facial.  It was a bit of a disappointment with some woman slapping product on my face and rinsing it off.  People pay for this, I could have saved some coins done everything she did in the comforts of my own bathroom!  My mother held the belief that if you did not let your children eat a lot of junk food or drink cans of pop at an early age, they would be blessed with good skin.  I would think genetics also played a small role, but why split hairs.  Personally, I could definitely stand to increase my water intake for my combination skin.  Between Ulta and the product selection at TJMaxx, I am always trying different lotions and oils for my body.  My daily cleansing routine consists of a simple cleanser and Olay to moisturize for my face.  Different tools are needed for distinct jobs.  It is not always about using the most expensive product.

Your skin condition, skin type, and frankly, your budget determine how often you should get facials.  It takes about 30 days for cells to move to the surface, flatten out and die.  So getting a professional facial once a month is an ideal way to keep skin looking healthy, especially, if you have normal to dry skin.  A good esthetician will check for dehydration, blackheads, dull skin, and other trouble areas.

Depending on your perspective, spa services are not cheap.  I would think it important to have good communication with the person working on your face.  There is nothing wrong with using Groupon to test drive different spa locations, and sometimes you kiss a frog or two along the way.  There really are so many things to consider when choosing an esthetician.  Is the salon clean?  How hard is it for me to get an appointment?  Do I want to find a location close to home or work?  Can I get the same person each appointment?

I like talking to my esthetician while they are working on my face.  I want to know what is in the products they are using and what is the product suppose to do.  Good service means a lot, so I am not spending my hard earned dollars supporting any establishment where staff walk around like zombies going through the motions.  Yep, I am paying attention to see if they make a face when I pull out my phone to redeem my Groupon.  How do you think I found out about your location, customer service please!

My most recent facial was done at Wax On Wax Off Salon and Spa.  It is a small shop happily situated near the UIC campus.  It was raining cats and Shih Tzus on the day of my appointment.  I decided to treat myself during my lunch break.  The receptionists promptly greeted me and my esthetician, Gosia came out to introduce herself.  We walked to a small dark room in the back.  I got myself situated into the wrap around tube top with the velcro closure.  She came back, dimmed the lights to just candles with soft orchestra music playing in the background.  It is hard for me to just relax, but Gosia worked her magic fingers with her various potions.  Scrubbing away the pollution we walk through as children of the city.  She exfoliated, removed blackheads, and massaged the stress from my visage.  This is what a facial is suppose to feel like.  I left with a sense of renewal and a new esthetician.  See you next month, Gosia!