“Ms. Lady, excuse me, can you sign my petition to get on the ballot for Governor.”  I give a look and return back to my book.  The disheveled man begins to speak again, and I give him that final look of “stop talking to me.”  I am all for the spirit of democracy, but please don’t interrupt a lady reading during her daily commute.  If I wanted conversation, I would not have brought something to occupy my time.  And I definitely do not want conversation while I am reading Game of Thrones.

I was hooked within the first few episodes of the hit HBO television series.  Each season just got better and better.  It has replaced Scandal as my favorite tv show.  If the show is this good, the books had to be even better.  So I recently bought the set of five books and started reading away.  I was reading on the train, on my lunch break, and when I came home.  A hundred pages here, another hundred there, I would look over at the time and it would be two in the morning.

As I finished each book, I would reflect on the various changes made by the television show.  Some of them made for more interesting character interactions, while some changes didn’t really add anything.  The fan pages and websites get real intense as series watchers rail against book readers whom might offer spoilers.  So far, I love everything they have done with the show.  If they were going to deviate from the books, I wish it had been in the Mountain verse The Red Viper battle.  I saw the episode, went back to the books, and alas, the ending was the same.

I am currently on the fourth book, “A Feast for Crows.”  It is my new obsession.  I am not ready to dress up as a particular character and start going to conferences, but I understand the love fans have for the show.  Whether you’re House Stark, House Baratheon, or House Lannister, it has been pretty good seeing how producers have brought these characters from the books to life!