What better way to enjoy a beautiful Sunday evening than a fabulous dinner.  I had a Groupon burning a whole in my iPhone, so I ventured out to Cite.  This restaurant with panoramic views is happily situated in Chicago’s Lake Point Tower.  I had entered a wonderland of chic as residents came from their lakeside walks with high end strollers.  I was met with a pleasant greeting by the security guard whom directed me to the elevators, traveling first to the 68th floor before having to transfer to a second elevator to reach the restaurant on the 70th floor.
It was still early in the evening, as my reservation was set for 5:30pm.  I arrived a bit early and they seated me right away.  As I reviewed the menu, I observed the various guest coming in; 30-somethings enjoying a date night, veteran drinkers holding court at the bar, and other singletons like myself.  I will assume something was amidst with their ac unit, as it was uncomfortably warm, distilled water never tasted so good.  After mentioning the discomfort, they found a way to send some cool air my way, so I would be able to enjoy my visit.

Maybe I was real hungry or I had fallen prey to the power of the Groupon.  My mission was to try as much as possible.  By the time I made it to the main course, it was time for a takeout bag.  I started with lobster salad, the meat was so tender and tasty.  Signature greens followed with pears, chevre goat cheese, and pecans.  I have now decided to keep chevre goat cheese on standby in my refrigerator at all times.  Chevre is life, it was so creamy.  Afterward, I went to a very happy place and tasted their crab cake wrapped in bacon, winning, on all fronts.  I gleefully sipped white wine as I conquered each plate.


My eyes were clearly bigger than my stomach.  By the time my New York Strip and potato gratin arrived, I knew I had fought the good fight.  I called a truce and asked for my takeout bag.  I could have went with a chef sample menu when I came in but I had so many other food items I was curious about that day.  I left fully satisfied and in desperate need of a walk.  As long as the AC is working, I would definitely come back to this restaurant again and again.  The food was great and the service also scored high marks, worth every penny!