little goat

The west loop has definitely changed over the years.  A once forgotten location of the city has become a hipster paradise.  In the mist of this Range Rover friendly playground is the Little Goat Diner.  Former Top Chef winner, Stephanie Izard took her reality show win and created success on a plate in this classic diner style restaurant.

I went on a Friday night after work expecting a long wait.  It was an impulse decision to dine at the restaurant as I was starving, yet uninterested in having a team meeting with friends as to where we should go.  So off I went like an agent of B613.  It was 7:30pm with a kaleidoscope of people milling about on Randolph.  The waiting area was packed with people standing and sitting as the music pulsed throughout the room.  Clearly, the foodie goddess heard my plea and threw me a bone.  Dining for one meant I could be seated right away at the lunch counter, face to face with the kitchen.

My server was Megan.  She was prompt in greeting me while explaining the who, what, and how of Little Goat Diner.  Anything on the menu, you can have anytime of day.  I chose to start my dining experience with a root beer float cocktail.  Working for the weekend paid off and so did this drink.  I was leaning toward breakfast, but the Loup de Mer kept staring at me from the kitchen window.  What in the world is Loup de Mer?  It is a mediterranean or european seabass.   It was served whole in a light breading and fried to perfection.  I never had fried fish that tasted so light.  In the center of my fish was a tomato based savory medley of mushrooms, onions, and black beans.  I paired it with mac and cheese.  It was a sizable meal that I knew I would not be able to finish.  Can we say leftover powerball!

The food was so good, there was no way I could leave without trying dessert.  I rolled the dice on the turtle pie.  Cashews bathed in caramel on a chocolate cookie crust topped with whipped cream.  It was simple but good.  In fact, it was so simple, I felt like I was missing something.  A scoop of vanilla ice cream in the cookie crust under the caramel covered cashews would have been perfection.

I loved the vibe, food, and the customer service.  Would definitely come back and try their entire menu.  On Sundays, they also have family style dinners in the private dining room .  Sign up for their emails so you can be notified of the menu for the next Sunday Dinner.  Looks like I will be getting a Sunday dinner on my calendar pretty soon!