Some conversations are hard to have, especially when your wife is trapped in purgatory.  Ichabod and Abbey’s sin eating friend Henry helps Crane to contact Katrina once again.  Is it true we have a son?  Awkward silence, our son’s name is Jeremy.  Katrina explains, she did not know she was pregnant as she was on the run from her coven.  She could not imagine a life for their child that included being a fugitive from other witches, so she left their only son in the care of Abbey’s ancestor Grace. During their meeting, a mysterious monster is brought back to life and interrupts Crane’s reunion. We are then reminded that their son, Jeremy’s only connection to his mother was a stuffed doll that suspiciously looks similar to the creature.  Ichabod and Abbey now have a new mission, find out what happened to baby Crane.

Henry is determined to make his train back home, but Abbey appeals to his sense of limited family to secure his help finding out what happened to Crane’s son as they seek the assistance of a local librarian for any records that would lead them in the right direction.  Without books, we have no past or future is the line Ichabod uses to charm Ms. Hudson, whom Henry senses is not forth-coming, only to be alerted of her demise after she is pounded into the floor-board of her vehicle by the beast which followed Ichabod from purgatory.  Undaunted by the chick they just met dying, they discover Ms. Hudson was a witch.  In her possessions, they find a box that gave off all kinds of bad mojo to Henry.  He uncovers how Katrina was banished for actions and their baby ended up in an orphanage after Grace was killed in a fire caused by Jeremy’s powers.  Crane’s son was shunned by local towns people and abused by the harsh Headmaster of the orphanage.  Jeremy’s magic brings his doll from his mother to life, his golem is there to protect him.

Meanwhile, we see Captain Irving spending quality time with his daughter at a park, and we discover she is in a wheelchair because of a car accident.  They seems to have a great relationship, and you can tell he truly loves his daughter, so when a demon possessed vendor makes a threat towards  Irving’s daughter, he goes into complete Rambo daddy mode at the coco stand before the demon latches onto another body.  Earlier in the episode, he spoke with his pastor seeking guidance on previous sermons he needed clarity on and tries to make sense of all the craziness that is his new reality.  We learn that witness means martyr.  He explains, the witness and their followers will also meet their deaths.  And he reminds Irving that God has a plan, although that is clearly not the answer Frank Irving is looking to hear.

It seems that both Ichabod and Irving were trying to find their footing as fathers in this new reality.  Ichabod reflects on his son’s loneliness and rage.  He never had a chance to be there for his child and it weighs heavily on him.  Henry encourages Ichabod to keep his head up as they use the clues from the librarian/witch to go off to the carnival to confront “the four,” a group of powerful witches whom speak in unison and look like they are in eternal mourning.  After reading his palm, “the four” let Ichabod know that they have been waiting for him for centuries and tell why they sentenced Katrina to her fate, chased down his son who was becoming a powerful witch, only to end up stopping his heart and burying him, after Jeremy and his protector chose to go off on their own and not join their coven.  They know their time has come and they are about to die.  Through their wisdom, we discover only Jeremy’s blood can stop the wrath of the beast.

Their conversation is interrupted as the Golem lets loose on the carnival.  Ichabod tries to talk the monster out of its rampage and let him know he has nothing left to protect.  Let him go and be at peace, I feel like he was counseling himself, while trying to stem the rage of the beast.  After a last surge, Ichabod stabs the Golem with a blood-stained mirror shrapnel to put him out of his pain.  With the Golem rising, it makes me think young Jeremy is still alive somewhere!  What do you think, will the Crane family finally be united?

Through the mirror of broken glass at the station, the gauntlet has been thrown and the end of days will begin.  Moloch lets Crane know, he is coming for Abbey’s soul!  He shockingly declares, Crane will deliver it to him!