On the waterfront, Belle shows Ariel her Prince Eric hacking fish on the docks.  She stands in fear not knowing if her Prince will reject her after all this time.  But as all true believers know, magic, nor time can dull the passion of true love as her fears are pushed aside with a kiss.  In the morning sky, we see Hook’s pirate ship with our heroes free from Neverland.  Hugs, kisses, and relief engulf Storybrooke as the entire town comes to welcome the Saviour and her crew.  It clearly does not take much to stop this town from working.  Young Wendy is reunited with her brothers while Peter Pan is still renting poor little Henry’s body.  He quickly betrays his Neverland homie/sidekick to have him arrested under the pretense of extreme fear, while Neil plays the “I want you back” card with Emma!

Flashback to the Evil Queen threatening Snow and Prince Charming on their wedding date.  I tell ya, mess up a girl’s wedding day and you have made an enemy for life.  The groom’s mind is clearly focused on their boot-knocking honeymoon.  Prince Charming is thinking Marvin Gaye songs while Snow White is thinking war.  She finally agrees to starting their new life together and getting away if she can go to the castle where her parents had their honeymoon.  Charming agrees to her request, they arrive at the castle, and just like that,  Snow White is in her Xena Warrior Princess outfit weapons in tow with Charming waiting on her in the woods.  The Prince lets her know, he knows his woman.  And she shares her plan to take Medusa’s head and destroy the Evil Queen.

Back in Storybrooke, faux-Henry continues his “I’m so scared” theatre production and requests to stay with Regina.  Regina is so happy to have him under her roof, that she totally ignores his not so subtle questioning about magic, where she keeps it, how can he get it.  She reminds faux-Henry that magic is not the answer.  And before she can get the door closed good for bedtime, he is calling upon his shadow to do dirt.

Back at Denny’s, I mean Grandma’s little diner, Snow White and the Prince are enjoying some breakfast, when Mr. Gold comes by with a peace offering, a cure for Charming’s ongoing health issues from Neverland.  Neil waits in a nearby booth for Emma, who is a no-show for his love reunion.  Her father seeks her out to encourage her to stop and smell the roses.  Meanwhile, a heartbroken Hook looks to mend his broken ego with Tinkerbell, who is not buying what he is selling.  But everyone’s tender moments are interrupted when we hear the blue fairy screaming as Pan’s shadow rips her life from her body.

At Medusa’s layer, Prince and Snow try to draw her out as she quickly turns Charming into stone.  Regina’s image pops up like an annoying email advertisement to gloat about Snow’s misfortune and how she was ruining her own happiness.  This inspires Snow to let Medusa see her own reflection and frees them both.

Emma talks Mr. Gold into opening the box, because her Spidey senses keep telling her something is not right with Henry.  Her son appears in Peter Pan’s form and she makes him answer various “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” like questions to prove he is her baby before they head off to save Regina.

In the mausoleum of magic secrets, faux-Henry continues to play with Regina’s emotions and easily disables her with one of her jars of doom.  The calvary comes to open the door and are too late.  All this manipulation to steal “the curse” and create a new Neverland.  Stay tuned my pretties!