Each Thursday, this Gladiator wakes up with an added spring to her step.  Think of the commercial with the camel strutting through the office, yep, that is me every Thursday.  I try to be a little extra cute on this day, in honor of Ms. Pope, like add on some additional lip gloss until I can save up for the white coat she wore.  If I am feeling truly fancy, I will put on some high heels.  And before leaving the apartment, the wine will have been chilled and that beautiful wine glass from Crate and Barrel will be waiting on the coffee table.  During the day,  I will check social media updates from Kerry Washington and the rest of the cast for any preview which might hold me over until the night’s episode.

Please understand, I have plenty of other shows I enjoy on a weekly basis like Sleepy Hollow, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, and The Originals.  But Scandal viewing is a truly interactive community.  It is an experience I get to share each week with friends from New York to Atlanta through Facebook and Twitter.  I make sure to have my phone fully charged and ready to share each gasp, twist, and turn.  Me and my fellow Gladiators get to be shocked by the manipulative ways of the Chief of Staff, conflicted about Mellie, while wanting to smack Fitz in the face and then kiss him.  Shonda Rhimes takes us for a ride each week, which I would gladly pay admission for over and over again.

As my work day ends, I will have picked up my take-out for the evening after hurrying through traffic.  I will have soaked in the bath and changed into my favorite pj’s.  I will probably checkout another show and heat up my meal before setting the reminder button on the cable box.  And at 9pm central standard time, I curl up on the couch and watch my favorite show with no phone calls being taken because everyone knows, it is time to watch Scandal!