Over the last year, I have developed an appreciation/obsession with vintage cars.  Maybe I have been watching too much History Channel, but when I do purchase my next vehicle, it has to be a vintage car.  Although, I have not quite figured out which one it will be.

I wish I had paid attention when my dad way trying to teach me how to work on cars as a teenager!  I love how they make it seem so easy to restore a classic car on television.  Just go on Craigslist or the neighborhood junkyard, meet some guy unloading a vintage car, get a couple of parts, and you’re good.  They invest a few thousand dollars in parts and labor, and then resale it for twenty to twenty-five thousand, no problem.  There is a reason s many people start restoration projects and never finish them.  Just because you know a little bit about cars, does not mean you can do a full-blown restoration.

There are so many factors to consider before diving deep into the process.  Beyond coming up with a budget, you have to find a shop that specializes in restoration.  I would suggest finding your shop, before you even start looking for your car.  They will know where to look and can help steer you away from money-pits.  Now how do you find a shop, that is the real question?  I suggest really doing your homework!  No matter where you live, there is a community of car collectors, whom love showing off their babies.  I have gone to Meetups, where people have  their own unofficial car shows.  Go to these events and ask plenty of questions.  Vintage car lovers have no problem giving referrals and have great insight to share.  A car is a form of expression, sure there is the practical use of getting  us from one point to another, but we have come so far since the Model T.

It is not just about finding the right shop, unless you have an unlimited budget, you are going to have to make sacrifices.  Do you only want original parts, are you okay with them making a part for your car?  Rust damage can play a role in deciding if the car is worth restoring, sometimes there is just too much damage and you have to walk away before starting.  I never had a Hot Wheels collection, but I do appreciate the beauty of a classic car, right now, I guess, a girl will have to enjoy car shows!