Shoppers start your engines, the holiday season has begun.  Before we have had a chance to taste the turkey, you have no doubt been inundated with countless Christmas shopping commercials, like the giant gingerbread man stalking you at work about layaway. We get it, retailers will make most of their sales in these final two months of the year, and they are doing everything they can to inspire us to spend money.

Seasons greetings really means seasons spending.  Instead of enjoying your meal and coming back to eat seconds, and thirds.  Instead of conversation being the order of the day while watching football, playing
cards, or entertaining each other with karaoke performances.  You and your family are now preparing to do shopping battle.  Scarf down that turkey leg Grandpa, we have to take a nap so we can get the whole family
up at 3am in the morning to get those deals.

And I am sure everyone is on their best behavior so early in the morning.  There have no doubt been countless studies proving how sales associates provide their best customer service in the before dawn hours of the day!  I am looking forward to the Youtube and Vine videos with epic meltdowns that are sure to be coming our way.  I mean, nothing says Christmas spirit like a human being shouting at another human being about a store not having anymore of the $199 flat screen televisions they advertised as one of their door busters.

My holiday wish is that everyone shop in the spirit of Christmas.  Think about the gifts you’re planning to give, and avoid putting yourself in debt that will require you taking out a title loan.  Instead of buying your able-bodied teenager the new Playstation, considering giving them other presents and a gift card with half of the cost of the Playstation while encouraging them to work a job to get the rest.  Instead of yelling at the salesperson for not providing you with the instant gratification you were looking for, take a step back and see how you can get to a workable solution.  I am not suggesting accept bad customer service, but consider, you can relax and enjoy the spirit of the season without stressing yourself out.  Heck, enjoy your Thanksgiving, stay in bed and just buy what you need online, imagine that!