Where do you spend your time?  A good portion of your day will be spent at work.  You have to sleep, so that will be at least six to eight hours at home each day.  What about your commute?  Is it public transportation or the comfort of your own vehicle?  I discovered long ago, if it is someplace I will spend a significant amount of time and I have any control over the aesthetics, I am going to surround myself with beauty!

When I come home from work, I like to relax.  My home is my refuge from the drama of the world, and the place where I can express myself in an unfiltered manner.  Furniture is something most people don’t switch out on a regular basis.  Once you have made that purchase, it is a bit of a commitment for most.  So it makes sense to invest in quality pieces for your home.  I have a mix and match of styles, so I have made purchases from Room and Board to thrift stores.  Making payments on furniture you feel lukewarm about can be depressing.  Each payment is a stinging reminder of the mistake you made.  So it is important to really think about what you want in your home.

I recently made my first visit to a furniture store with the most unfortunate of names called, “The Dump.”  I am very curious to know, what were the other name choices?  Needless to say, this huge warehouse of a building does have something for everyone.  It looked like someone had furniture from Value City, Pier 1, and Bloomingdales tossed together in one space.  There were some pieces which seemed flimsy and did not impress me in any way, paired next to a chair which made me think, I need that in my life.

The store is only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which I found to be unique and smart.  And there were plenty of non-hovering salespeople with tape measures nearby.  The prices were reasonable on most pieces, but definitely take into account the quality of the craftsmanship of the piece before purchasing.  Overall, I would definitely go back, momma needs a new sofa.